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  • 100% automatic
  • Rule based and cuts out emotion from trading.
  • High performance- Uses over 23 parameters -including 7 proprietary tools.
  • Quick data base scans and results delivered to your desktop for your immediate action.
  • Research advice across asset classes like Equities, Commodities, Metals
    and Foreign Exchange.
  • Asset Allocation strategies and periodical reviews.
  • Industry outlook reports.
  • Comprehensive financial planning package for high net worth
  • Business process improvement and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Financial Modeling and valuation.

Technical analysis is the art of studying the demand and supply for a financial security and predicting future movements through historical data.

FMAA algorithmic trading system has been developed over 3 years of research and is used by several market intermediaries, High Net worth individuals and companies for their asset allocation decisions and risk mitigation.

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